Victoria Beckham, the style queen, and fashionista truly know a lot about jewels. She has a collection of diamond rings which reflects her style perfectly.

Below is a list of rings that she got for herself and received some as a present:


It’s the time when David Beckham asked Victoria to marry him over dinner at a restaurant in Hertfordshire. The moment was very special for these two as they tied a knot with the first ring that David got for his wife. It was a 3-carat marquise-cut diamond set on a yellow gold band reportedly cost around £65,000.


Who says that emeralds and rubies are out of fashion? Victoria wore a huge emerald set on a diamond band on a couple of occasions. She nailed her appearance with a diamond and emerald ring on her finger. Her stylist said that its worth of £500,000 while a report from Daily Mail said that it estimates around a net value of £700,000.


Rectangular diamond rings were not in fashion till the style queen Victoria wore it herself. She was spotted wearing a rectangular diamond ring a couple of times which has much bigger diamonds than her previous rings. From the report of the Sun, the designer ring is 15 carats and costs around £1.65 million.


Victoria’s oval-cut red ruby with a sparkling diamond halo is a masterpiece which was handcrafted from the known jewelry designers. The impressive part about that rings is that it has pure chocolate diamonds attached to it that makes it look stunning. According to a report from Daily Mail, the ring was around £800,000 in total.


Pink diamonds are rare and unique. Beckham’s engagement ring in 2010 featured an oval-cut pink diamond on a thin platinum band which seemed pretty pricy. Pink diamonds are more expensive than the normal white ones and the pink diamonds on her ring would cost around £500,000. She received that ring for her 30th birthday from her beloved husband.

Well, the same year, Beckham got another as a gift which was all over the news. She wore that sapphire ring to the Vanity Fair’s Oscars party which was estimated to cost around £450,000.


This year Victoria was spotted with different rings on her hand. She moved a step ahead from her previous diamond preference and switched to stones. She was spotted wearing multiple stone rings with small diamonds added on the side. Her moonstone ring that stunned people was much cheaper than it looked. It was around £10,000 that holds the lowest prices from her collection of chocolate diamond engagement rings.


It’s clear that Beckham’s love for diamonds is unconditional however, she praises modern art too. Her ring that shook her fans, was a square-cut rock on a platinum band. Though she has a collection of diamond rings this one was quite cheaper. It’s one of Victoria Beckham’s favorite ring with a net worth of £110,000.


Victoria Beckham was spotted wearing her newest ring at Dior’s fashion show. It is a chocolate diamond ring with brownish diamonds set on a platinum band. Fans are trying to guess the actual worth of the ring, however, according to a rumor, its net value is somewhere near her precious jewels that she bought in the past with an estimated cost of more than £120,000.