Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been surfacing the market for a good few years now. In reality, the concept of AI has paced up recently giving way to some major breakthroughs in the technology. Artificial Intelligence’s scope in the mobile app marketing is thriving and reaching to new heights with each day passing by.

Considered as the next big shot in app marketing, an increasing number of marketers are adopting AI to create new marketing opportunities for apps and up the app marketing game. Big names of the industry, such as Amazon, are already deploying AI to predict buying behavior and provide personalized recommendations to customers on the basis of their previous buying history.

How AI Will Transform App Mobile Marketing?

Let’s explore 3 ways how AI will transform the working of your mobile app marketing strategy:

  1. Automated Reasoning

One of the most powerful elements of Artificial Intelligence, automated reasoning allows customers to enjoy a seamless and fast experience. By deploying AI and machine learning, apps give users a human-like experience without the intervention of any human being. Once leveraged, apps bear the capability to explore the actions of users and make quick and efficient decisions based on different factors. So instead of same experience, each user enjoys a highly personalized app experience.

  • Learn Buying Behavior

Once you have directed efforts to increase the app downloads, the next step involves taking the right course of action to increase app revenue. Up-selling to current customers mark as the main source of app growth. AI can process large amounts of customer data in a split second. With AI, you can learn about your user’s buying behavior and send relevant and targeted messages, push notifications, emails and in-app messages. The information must be targeted otherwise the customer might take a second to uninstall the app.

  • Relevant Information

Almost 80% of people uninstall the app within the first 90 days because of boring, irrelevant and unengaging content. Artificial Intelligence helps you monitor the choices the user makes while using the app and explore what their likes and dislikes are. This, in turn, helps you leverage the collected information to pose relevant recommendations that saves them time and keeps them engaged with your app. When they get recommendations of stuff they want, it adds value to their lives and enhances the overall app experience.

Closing Thoughts

The first few interactions users have with your app will decide whether they will keep using the app or uninstall it. When you have artificial intelligence deployed at the back-end, taking cues from the customer’s behavior and making each session of value to them will become easier and result in less churning customers. Of course, like every new revolution, AI comes with its own set of limitations. Putting things in the right perspective, AI will do all the guesswork for you. This will give confidence to marketers that they are giving out the right message to the right audience at the right time.