While some people know how to use words and make conversation, others have a hard time with it. When it comes to starting a conversation, a beautiful selfie is just not enough. With a good profile, you can easily get a lot of matches. But that is just half of the battle. The other half is striking up a conversation, which means sending that first message that garners a reply.

Why most people fail?

If you want to be unique and separate yourself from the majority, first you need to understand as if to why most people fail at starting conversations.

Say Something!

Half of the people on the website don’t even send the first message. One out of two guys will not have the guts to say anything, lowering his chances of actually meeting someone special. It may sound like a sad statistic, but it’s good news for you. If you send that first message, then you’re already ahead of 50 percent of the population.

Don’t by the “Hey” Guy

When it comes to first messages, 7 out of 10 are the same boring and generic messages. They include messages like “Hey”, “Hi”, “Whatsup?”, “How you doing” and others like them. And unless you’re a hunk, your chances of striking out are pretty good with these starters. Because the start is boring, it is a good enough assumption that the rest of the conversation will be boring as well. This is one of the main reasons why people leave even the best hookup apps.

Review the Profile First

Go through your match’s profile and bio before you even think of sending a message. Find out what works for her. What you’re looking for is anything in common, or something unique about your match, or maybe something funny in the pictures or the bio. Whatever it is, find out something that you know most people will never talk about.

Attach an Emotion to It

In a sea of bland, boring messages, you need to make yours stand out. A good way to do it is to attach some kind of emotion to it. If you have reviewed your match’s profile, you’re sure to find out something that will create a spark. If, on the off chance, you don’t, try sending a GIF. Making your match feel something right at the beginning is the start to a great conversation. This will create a positive emotional response and your counterpart will have to invest time in sending a reply. Research has shown that using GIF’s increases your chances of a response by 30 percent.

Use their Name

Scientists have found that hearing your own name literally lights up your brain. Use this knowledge and move ahead of the pack. This way your match will know that you’re not just copy pasting the same line in 50 other chat windows. This means that you are exclusively talking to your match, and this will increase your rapport.

Language Please

Studies show that using bad grammar or spellings leave a terrible first impression on your match. So whenever you’re chatting in your favorite dating app, make sure that you use proper language. It shows you’re putting in an effort.