Staying fit and healthy with and the rough and tough routine is the best thing a person can do. Regular work out and spending a quality time on yourself, taking care of your health is crucial for every person.but sometimes your upset schedule doesn’t allow you to do so. For taking care of your health you first need to set a proper timetable in order to allocate a perfect number of hours for a workout. The more you will invest in yourself, you will get an excellent performance of your body as a result of your investment.

However, you don’t need to forget that you are living in the world of advanced technologies where you have numerous numbers of possible solutions to all your problems. Similarly, there are many health and fitness apps services working specifically on the phenomena of providing a perfect exercise schedule according to the users needs.apart from this there are many more benefits of these applications that everyone can avail anywhere and anytime they want.

Listed below are the top 6 fitness apps around the world;


Strava is free of cost workout app. It is perfect for the ones who have a great nature of competing with others and winning the challenge. Strave is built up in a way that it helps the users to create a challenge according to their work out a schedule with the people in their surroundings. This challenge makes a feature of the app attract many people to set up their own exercising schedule and take part in the run.

This app is easy to use by all type of people the ones who love cycling and running, this application will do wonders in reducing the wait in a shorter space of time. Not only running and cycling but this application also keep the track of your work-out with a 24/7 stats checking feature. Now you can be motivated by all the steps you took the previous day and the calories you burnt each day, as Starva have the ability to estimate the calories burned. If you own a heart rate monitor so you can also keep a check of your heart rate via Starva.

Charity Miles

Application to serve charity isn’t it a good idea? Yes! This amazing idea is not just an idea anymore since charity miles is giving you an opportunity to serve humanity and needy around you with the steps you take. You can donate to the ones who are in need for every mile that you walk run or bike. Charity miles have introduced a better and unique idea for a healthy workout with complete motivation. Though there are many people who want to serve humanity their pockets don’t allow them to do so, via charity miles they can fulfill their wish to help poor by maintaining their own wealth.

At times you feel too lazy to get up from bed for your regular workout session, but a thought to donating the poor will make you stand and get ready for a workout. You can also choose the type of charity you need to donate with the maximum numbers of steps you take. So let’s get up and help the great sponsor companies to expand this application and take an absurd amount of donations across the world via our healthy ad regular workout.


Cody is the best application to maintain a fitness community. This application comprises of the most active and supportive online fitness communities. You can discover your desired workout videos through this application, to get motivation and warm up your body for regular fitness gyming. The features of this application also involve getting connected with all the inspirational couches who share their videos and get motivations and useful comments o your workout posts.

This application provides a quick recap of all your record-breaking moments and valuable to stats to hold on the warmness of your body and put in a more effort every coming day to maintain a happy and healthy body.






Looking for a fitness coach is very easy with Coun-to 5k. It will not only help you out but will organize everything according to your routine step. You will reach your apex just in a week. you don’t have to go out looking for a good couch ad fail to find the high demanding fitness trainers. Everything is just within a few clicks.

The most affluent feature of In-App voice leads you to time tracking, GPS route map via voice and makes your interface full of amazing features. setting your goals and sticking to it is no more a big problem. the motivational speakers and trainers will throw out the laziness from your body and make you follow the way to your goals no matter what kind of a person you are. Just leave all your gyming plans to Couch-to-5k and get a smart and healthy body within a few months or weeks.



Fooducate educates you about the calories present in your daily diet. As high and low calories products are the reason behind your healthy or unhealthy body, you need to be aware of the calories present in each item them to eat or drink. Getting free classes of fitness lessons is a dream for every health caretaker.  Fooducate helps you to scan or search to find information about the food you buy via its barcode.

This application not only informs you about the calory count of the things you consume but also suggest the best alternative according to your taste and fitness. You can now make your own meal plans as per the guidance of this application or can get access to the food log to track your meals.


Not only these, but you can get help via gazillions of more applications around the world to maintain a smart and healthy growing body. Age, time and place does not matter and is considered as lame excuses when it comes to taking care of your body, you just need motivation and a great effort in following a regular diet plan.

Have a happy journey with a healthy routine.