Chocolate diamonds have become much common in the diamond industry, it is just another fancy terminology used instead of the term brown diamonds. However, chocolate diamonds are more special and bit more expensive compared to standard brown-diamond jewelry. A process of standardization by diamond experts from LeVian, is processed before brown diamond were considered chocolate diamonds.

Determining The Value

Understanding a diamond and what sets its value can sometimes be a bit confusing as there are a few factors that helps to determine the actual value of the diamond, its category and the type of diamond it is. You may have heard of FL or IF diamond grades, in which to many people believe it is a special categorization method that help to understand the diamonds original origins. The truth is FL or IF initials represents how clear and colorless a diamond is. Remember that a diamond has never comes our shinny and beautiful, not to say that no diamond can exist to such degree, however currently the rough edged, dull rock looking gems are the only form that we know that diamonds come in, so far.

If you ever went diamond shopping, you may have had the opportunity to view a diamond under a microscope. The common viewable scale is 10x magnification in which makes any clouds, blemishes, or other forms of impurities visible to the naked eye. Why is this important? Well, in order to make something shine, light must both touch and reflect from it, or it must bypass, illuminating the inner-layers of such structure.

There are two types of categories that helps to determine the flaws of the diamond. Diamonds that have blemishes or impurities on the surface, but is clear from the inner structures are categorized as IF (Internally flawless) meaning that the internal structure of the diamond has no flaws, no impurities nor any blemishes apart from a few minor impurities on the surface of the diamond when viewed under a 10x magnification. A Diamond that have been categorized as FL (Flawless) are diamonds in which have no impurities whatsoever, even on the surface.

The reason why they are categorized and why IF and FL are greatly stressed, is because depending on the level of clarity (clear from any impurities or clouds) the more brilliance you will have. The terminology brilliance is a characteristic in which describes how light particles passes through the diamond. A funny thing about diamonds is that it actually throws higher levels of light particle-beam back, more than glass do, meaning that diamonds are super-reflectors. It has been discovered that about 60% of a light-particle’s speed is actually decreased during a by-passing phase. Since it slows down the light’s speed and shines the light rays greater than glass, it is the very reason why diamonds shine and glisten under a light source. That level of “shine” and the slowing process of the light particles is known as “brilliance”.

Through this process a chocolate diamonds value is determined accordingly, surprisingly most La Vian chocolate diamonds suggests that their brown-diamonds are unique and pretty much rare, based on their own judgments.

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