Women all across the world are loving this newly-hyped colored diamond that has brown hues like chocolate but possess eye-catching sparkling characteristics because of its chemical formulation as a diamond. Commonly known in the market as chocolate diamond, these are naturally occurring brown diamonds that possess a different and unique shade of brown which has been successfully marketed by Le Vian corporation as chocolate diamonds. The term was a marketing gimmick given by the company to distinguish their diamonds from the rest.
Is chocolate diamond the same as brown diamonds?
Chocolate diamonds are, in real, a form of brown diamonds. Chocolate diamonds are differentiated on the basis of their different brown color. To quality to be used in Le Vian’s chocolate diamond jewelry, these diamonds have to be of the highest quality and extracted in a way that results in its deep brown color. Regular brown diamonds are sold cheaper than chocolate diamonds because being a brand they are of the highest quality and are unique.
How chocolate diamond jewelry is sweeping away other jewelries?
Not long time back, people were not even aware of what chocolate diamonds are. Some considered them to be less valuable, some thought they are man-made in labs and some didn’t even know about them. The trend has, however, changed drastically. Chocolate diamond jewelry, after being endorsed by celebrities and hitting the stores of some of the renowned jewelers across the world, has become very desirable. Because of its affordable price tag and the stunning designs, it is now being sold more than other jewelries.
How Le Vian’s chocolate diamond jewelry is made?
Le Vian, the masters behind chocolate diamond, produces striking and beautiful jewelry pieces that catches the attention of everyone who gazes at it. The chocolate diamond jewelry that you flaunt on your special occasions are made after a whole process. Let’s explore how Le Vian’s chocolate diamond jewelry is made:
– Extraction of chocolate diamonds
Le Vian’s chocolate diamonds are extracted from the Argyle mine in Australia. The diamonds are carefully extracted ensuring that the deep brown color is achieved.
– Refinement
The diamonds are then refined to perfection to get a fine and stunning quality diamond that can be put on any jewelry piece to make it look splendid.
– Design team creates bespoke designs
The design team at Le Vian then produces fabulous and unique designs that catches the attention of the buyer immediately. The designs are created by keeping market trends and consumer preferences in mind.
– Beautiful designs hit the stores
Once the designs are finalized and the diamonds are put onto bespoke jewelry pieces, the pieces are polished to perfection and then reach the stores to mesmerize buyers.
Where can I get a bespoke piece for myself?
If you are looking to buy eye-catching and magnificent chocolate diamond jewelry pieces to brighten up your wardrobe, visit Le Vian’s e-store to get your hands on our stunning designs that will leave you mesmerized.