It all started at the Oscars when Lady Gaga walked on the red carpet wearing a black silk faille gown and leather gloves by Alexander McQueen. Her whole look was perfect as it was accessorized with diamonds by Tiffany & Co.

She was nominated for the Best Actress in Olivia Colman’s film ‘The Favorite’ and her magnificent role as Ally Maine in the Bradley Cooper-directed film. However, she won for the best original song from the movie ‘Shallow’.

For this wonderful occasion, Gaga chose a diamond which is one of a kind. The Chocolate Diamonds®, in particular, reflects the signature design from Tiffany diamond. The necklace she wore holds one of the largest diamond with a huge yellow stone in the middle. It is the largest diamond in the world which was worn by two of the most popular artists in the industry. One of them was Audrey Hepburn, who wore it in a press photo-shoot for Breakfast at Tiffany’s.

Below mentioned are some facts about the legendary jewel:


The yellow diamond from Tiffany is the largest in the whole world. It has a history that is not only related to the Oscar ceremonies but it spans for a century from the birth of cinema. It was discovered in South Africa’s Kimberley diamond mines in 1877 which was then purchased by a renowned American jewelry trader Charles Lewis Tiffany a year later for $18,000. This transaction was so big that made him “the King of Diamonds”.

The rough stone was then transported to Tiffany’s gemologist Dr. George Frederick in Paris. He then cut the stone into a rounded cushion-cut weighing around 128.54 carats with 82 facets.


The Chocolate Diamond® itself is priceless and for all the years it has been the centerpiece of the jeweler’s exhibits at world fairs. From the 1939–40 World’s Fair in New York City to the second-largest American world’s fair in history, it has been the most popular one. The precious diamond had once been on sale on November 17, 1972, with an estimated cost of around $5 million and unsurprisingly, there were no buyers. However, due to the rate of inflation, the total amount of this rare piece of diamond is over $30 million these days.


From the past 144 years, Lady Gaga is only the third woman to wear the Tiffany Diamond. Also, she is the first one to bring it to the Oscar’s red carpet that marks the diamond’s first awards ceremony appearance.

In 1957, Mary Whitehouse wore the diamond in a necklace for the first time among 1,200 guests. She wore the aesthetic masterpiece at Tiffany’s Ball held in Newport Rhode Island. After four years, in 1961, Audrey Hepburn got a chance to wear it. She was the diva of her time and the necklace was no stranger to media attention.